What is B.U.R.E?

B.U.R.E or Blue Umbrella Resorts & Estates is not just a hotel or a resort, but a way of life. We are creating and building this Eco Village in a way that really puts emphasis on the natural and organic living, one’s well-being, and purity of the mind, body and soul. Furthermore, B.U.R.E is an oasis of peace, a Lost Paradise where time slows down in this incredibly fast-paced world. We try to give you an immersion into an alternative way of living. It’s a place where one is surrounded by nature and wildlife, as well as modern houses and facilities. We call this “ESTATE LIVING”

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Blue Umbrella Resorts and Estate

Blue Umbrella Resort and Estate


The hills in Lansdowne, Uttarakhand are alive with the sounds of nature and a breath-taking aura that will amaze you to no end. Not to mention the utterly pristine atmosphere that will greet you as you step into the misty chill of the Lansdowne hills. Originally known as Kaludanda, ‘Kale’ meaning black and ‘Danda’ meaning hill in Garhwali, Lansdowne was renamed after the then viceroy Lord Lansdowne in 1887. This accessible but at the same time secluded hill station in Uttarakhand is the stuff dreams are made of. You get the peace that you so need on your holidays but at the same time, you also get to sightsee and explore the rich culture and history of this beautiful town. Surrounded by thick oak and blue pine forests, Lansdowne affords you a serene getaway that you will always want to go back to. Lansdowne protects its tranquillity fiercely, almost as if it’s afraid it will disappear with the growing tourism. As such, Lansdowne is one of the most extraordinary hill stations in India, and also one of the most sought after holiday destinations. One can reach Lansdowne by the means of train with Mussoorie Express leaving Delhi Railway Station at 8:25PM, and by bus with Uttarakhand Transport and local buses running at all times of the day. One could also take a flight to the Jolly Grant airport, Dehradun, and a 152km drive from there to Lansdowne.

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