What People Say's

An Ode To a Fairer Land

The more I see, the larger it gets The more I ignore, the deeper it sets
The beauty, the peace, and the softer desire The quieter surround and the simple attire.

I was there and I saw it, I saw the fairer land
I saw the mountain, the grassland and I saw the shining sand The serpent trail that went uphill and took us to the land The mesmerizing beauty of the farm and shining of the sand.
The plants, the trees, and sands around were set with loud cheer They laughed and smiled and danced to see us with them so near.

The people around were as cheerful as the air around,
They welcomed us with happiness and glee and had us all surround.
The birds above were all setting a beautiful cheer There was happiness all around and not a drop of fear.

With happy faces we went ahead, went to the fairer hall, We went and met many new friends and met the golden ball.
The tangy yet sweet were the desire The golden and yellow were the attire The waves around did dance in glee
But Golden Balls outdid the dance merrily.

We met the golden balls, we met the newer tills We met the local plants, and we met the sweeter fills.
We went around, up and down to reach and see the land We reached a place so candid, we reached the dunes of sand.

We found the air so very clean, We saw the surround all very sheen. So many hosts and we so few guests,
We were all taken to surprise with the fests.

I look back to the place I hail,
And I try to fathom the wind and the sail.
And how we have been confined to a cage, And how our life is set against all rage.
We have but one life, to live or to repent,
It is we who can correct or continue with the vent.

We have damaged our land for one quick reaction, We have hurt the mother land for our self-perfection.
For men may come and live and go, but life goes on forever, Let us make it worth living and let us have our task deliver. Let’s come together in small group and make this life a bless Let us share our joys, our sorrows and let’s share our success.

There is no Aladdin to do the magic, and no fairy land of Cindrella, But there is one that manly does, and that is Blue Umbrella.