Each house or cottage is being designed by the most prolific architects, artists and designers from all over the world, creating an immense variety of atmospheres, styles and architecture. The result is an intricate blend of modern and ancient, contemporary and traditional, refined and homey. Every residence is different from one another and totally unique in all aspects. The construction of cottages and villas is done through only natural raw materials available in Uttarakhand like rocks, mud, wood, husk, leaves, glass, honey, pulses etc. The interior of the cottages is way different and is done using natural colours, wood, wool carpets, local cotton, handmade linen etc. The interior is state-of-the-art and has an edge over the standard interiors available in the market. We are committed to the environment that we live in and many of our bungalows and furniture are reclaimed from Colonial houses from the villages of India. Our bungalows are fully equipped with solar hot water systems, LED lighting and organic linen and bathroom amenities. None of our accommodations have air conditioning for environmental reasons; however, we have a constant refreshing air that you can enjoy from the comfort of your own private garden, lounge or terrace. All these bungalows are nature-cooled. At B.U.R.E, we have built our Eco bungalows using Casuarinas trees and weaved coconut palm leaf roofs. Most of our Eco cottages are Himalayan facing with private gardens and are not far from the organic estate.

Bamboo House

Tree House

Caravan House

Container House

Mud House

Stone House

Wooden Chalets